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Welcome to the online press kit for Secret Ingredients™

Generation after generation will savor the family foods and traditions of today, once they are preserved in a Secret Ingredients heirloom cookbook. From the tattered 3x5 index cards in your grandmother's cupboard to a child's favorite recipe for macaroni and cheese, the meals you share with family can be cherished forever with this unique and interactive gift.

Entire families can create one book, with each member contributing recipes from their own home computer with Secret Ingredients' innovative Web site. Or, create one personalized collection of recipes to give as a nostalgic and thoughtful gift.

This is the online press kit for Secret Ingredients, where members of the media can download press releases, background information images, and more.

New! Check out Secret Ingredients' new Keepsake Cookbooks - a slimmed-down version of the full size heirloom cookbooks!

For purchase information and to try Secret Ingredients' interactive design site, visit www.TheSecretIngredients.com. Be sure to visit Kate's blog!

Download Secret Ingredients' One_Pager.

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